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Scout Knots

Knots have thousands of uses, from tying gear to your back pack to securing your tent. Knots can be used in first aid or to prevent a canoe from drifting away. The following is a list of  all the basic knots scouts should know how to tie.  Click on the knot you would like to learn and watch the instructional video.  For instructions on tying other helpful knots check out Animated Knots.

Square Knot

The square knot(also known as a reef knot) is a simple joining knot used to tie a rope or line around an object.

Two Half Hitches

A hitch is a knot that ties a rope to something.  Friction caused by the wraps of the rope hold the hitch in place.  Two half hitches (also called a double half hitch) form a loop that can be adjusted to  make it smaller or larger.

Taut- Line Hitch

The taut-line hitch is used to make a line tight, or taut.  It's the knot used for staking out guy lines of your tent or dining fly.

Bowline Knot

The bowline knotforms a loop that will not slip. That's just the kind of knot you need for tying a rope around your waist or around someone requiring rescue.

Clove Hitch

Clove comes from the word cleave, meaning " to hold fast". The clove hitch can be used to start most lashings.

Timber Hitch

The timber hitchis the perfect knot to use for dragging a log across the ground. It is also the knot that starts diagonal lashing.

Sheet Bend

The sheet bendis a very good knot for tying together two ropes of the same or different diameters. It is a close relative to the bowline and can be untied the same way.

Figure Eight Knot

The figure eight knotis a stopper knot primarily used at the end of a rope to keep the rope from slipping out you hand.


Being perpared is about more than learning skills for the outdoors.  While it isn't used much in camp, a necktie will come in handy through the years.  Here's one way to do it! 

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